Make Money doing do you Like
Be a "Primas Model"

Every flirtatious and sexy girl uses social networks sharing her photos and videos adding a large number of followers and likes every day. Now with PrimasTV you can get very good income for it and have fun.



You should only be part of our group of girls, where you will have your own page so that your fans can enjoy your exclusive content and attract subscribers and earn money with primastv.com



It offers you your own special section within a site. As in all Social Network sites like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, being active and participating with fans is the key to success. We are the alternative of sexy or erotic models that use social networks so they can offer their most exclusive photos and videos and get money for it. Through each sale of that content that your fans would be willing to pay to see you. Welcome! It can be sold by package (all videos and all photo galleries) and by individual videos and photo galleries. With prices in dollars The more spicy and sexy content you generate, the more fans can buy it in your space. Through credits or payments with credit or debit cards through PrimasTV.


Advantages of Premium Fans:

Our platform has many advantages over webcams and snapchat, since on those platforms you must produce daily and spend long hours of the day to produce money (in the case of webcam 8 to 12 hours a day and the snapchat the material is erased every 24 hours), limiting you free time to do other activities. With Primas you can generate an excellent passive income every day, 24 hours a day, 365 days a week (including holidays, when you are traveling, in classes, without an internet signal and when you are sleeping).


Frequent questions

Can I block my country?

If we can block your country or several, so that your content can not be seen.


How will they pay you?

We pay by bank transfer, PayPal, Western Union and Payoneer.


When will you be paid?

We pay biweekly! For example, if you need to receive the income for the first week of the month from the 1st to the 7th day, you will be credited within 14 days of next week. It took us 7 days to configure our reports.


That we pay?

For every fan that enters your FanPage (profile) of PrimasTV (Premium Fans) and buy your videos and photo galleries you get up to 60% of the value bought by the fan. Example the video sells for 10 dollars (6 $ for you and 4 $ for PrimasTV). Important, when there are photographic and professional video days with you, of that content you have to discount the percentage of production costs of the producer associated with primastv.


How can I control my sales?

Once registered as a Content Producer and Primas Model, you will have access to a control panel that allows you to verify your sales at any time.


What steps should I take to be successful?

Here are some tips to get visits and make more sales: Create a fun profile with a small description, images and services (Whatsapp, Skype, text messages, Custom videos) Load a minimum of 10 videos to offer variety to your fans to choose from. Using their active social media profiles, Invite your fans to visit your PrimasTV profile.


Link PrimasTV to your Twitter account, Instagram, Facebook and any other social network you have to promote yourself throughout the Internet. We have a team dedicated to ensuring that our girls receive the promotion they want / need in all of our active social media accounts. If you want to be promoted, simply send an email to promo@primastv.com and we will take care of that for you! We also invite you to promote your PrimasTV profile while you are on webcam or your snapchat account, remember that your fans are your best customers.


What should I do to inform my fans?

You must mention and promote yourself in your social networks, place the link and notify your ID code if this is the case. The more promotion you have, the more options you have to get more income. Our Marketing team will be giving you tips on how to make publications and labels.


What are you waiting for? Join now our group of girls PrimasTV have fun and start earning money.

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Make Money doing do you Like
Make Money doing do you Like
Make Money doing do you Like
Make Money doing do you Like
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