How do I register?

It 's easier to do than to say ... just click on the top right button “REGISTER” and you will be in the right place. After you have confirmed your email address (check in SPAM ... you’ll never know), simply just log in! Now you can buy any single video or photo shooting, and also subscribe a yearly membership! Click here to get more information!


How can I buy?

You can either use PayPal that the major credit cards (VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX, etc ...). We suggest you purchase a package ALTCREDITS or subscribe annually: you will never lose time to enter your credit card hundred times. All videos and photos available for one year, plus unlimited download.



Credits are our virtual currency. You can buy everything that is on the site and save 10% or more on each purchase. We have different cuts, check on the ALTCREDITS page.


Can I download photos or videos?

If the Model or the Creator allowed the download option, you can.


What it means to "Buy Forever"?

It means that video or photo product will remain available in your user profile forever. You can view it as many times as you like.


I bought the product but I can not see anything

Are you sure to have the latest upgraded version of your browser? If the payment was successful, then write us attaching the payment receipt, and we will add the specific content into your account, or we will refund the same amount in altcredits.


What can I do with pictures and videos that I buy?

You can do everything but selling them, modifying, using for advertising purposes, etc ... etc ... check our "Terms & Conditions", please.


I would like to contact the models or any of your Creators?

Sorry is not allowed. It can’t be any direct contact between you and our models and / or Creators. If you try we will be forced to delete your account immediately.


I would like the cosplay costume worn by the model!

This can be done. Write us indicating the set in which you saw the costume, we will give you the cost and time to receive it directly to your address.


I would like to buy the model lingerie… !

No problem, write to us and if it’s available we will be happy to send it. Cost modalities and timing will be agreed from time to time.


I would like an exclusive production!

Write us and we'll organize a production exclusively for you. The photos or videos will be uploaded directly in your user profile, and will be available only for you. The fee for this exclusive production will be requested in advance in full.

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