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Primas TV Privacy Policy

Your privacy is our importance to us. This Privacy Policy applies to Multimedia websites PasTV M.P. (the "Company") (the "Sites"). These include primastv.com and all other sites on which this policy is located and which are owned / controlled by the Company. As indicated below, we reserve the right to change our Privacy Policy in the future and its effective date that appears on it.


Service for adults

THIS IS A SERVICE FOR ADULTS ONLY. Suspend or terminate any person who is of age for the competition in which you view the Sites; In addition, we reserve the right to inform us that the competent authority is with all the information you have provided or with respect to that person.


Disclosures made as required by law or security


Your name, physical address, telephone number and password are considered confidential. However, all the information you provide may be shared with other third parties as necessary to comply with applicable law, to cooperate with the application of the law and the judicial system.


Our policy towards children

Our website is not aimed at children. If you realize that your child has provided us with personal information, please contact us at admin@primastv.com. We do not knowingly collect personal information from children. If we become aware that a child has provided us with personal information, we take steps to eliminate that information and terminate the child's account.


Information we collect from you

During registration, we require that you provide us with certain information that may include account information (ie, your name, physical address, email address, telephone number, username and password), Financial data (ie, information of credit card / billing) with "Demographic Information". The demographic information may include IP address (es), information regarding websites, Internet browser used, zip code and / or other data related to search history, browsing history, registration and user history.


How is this information used?

Financial data will only be shared with third-party processors as necessary to initiate and complete orders placed by your account.


We may use "cookies" and demographic information to improve your experience on the site, allowing us to tailor your experience on the sites according to your preferences and what we believe may attract you based on such demographic information. Aggregated and non-individual membership The demographic information may be shared with third parties with whom we have a direct or indirect relationship that can offer products or services that we believe may interest you.


We may also share the aggregated Demographic Information with third parties for the purpose of analyzing usage data, maintaining servers and other purposes related to maintaining and improving our service and the Sites.


You are responsible for the information you provide to third parties


We process credit card transactions through industry-standard encryption through third-party processors, which processors only use your information for that purpose. The Financial Data is considered private information and will not be shared by us with third parties except with your authorization and as necessary to carry out the orders placed by you with the understanding that such transactions may be subject to the rules and policies of said third party. . Financial data or other data provided by you to companies or websites that advertise on the Sites or in response to emails sent to you by the Sites are not governed by this Privacy Policy. Any information provided by you to a third party, and any transaction with that third party, is subject to the terms and conditions of said third party and the privacy policy.


E-mails from us and the use of your email address


Your email address will be used by us to get in touch with you when we have special offers or other information to provide you. Such information may include, without limitation, new services offered by us, information related to your account and other information related to your subscription to the Sites.


In the body of the email or the text to promote PRIMAS TV may be content of those classified as "Hardcore" or "XXX", which may contain images that only consider Softcore. However, this will not apply to those hyperlinks that lead to material other than the original content.


We may send you emails before and after you have terminated your membership to our service until such time as you advise us, in accordance with the procedures explained below, that you no longer wish to receive email from us. If you no longer wish to receive emails from us, unsubscribe by sending an email to affiliations@primastv.com. We and our advertising partners fully comply with the federal CAN-SPAM law and, as such, all emails from us and our advertising partners will always have a place for you to opt-out of receiving further correspondence via email. Please note that we will never send you an email directly or through our marketing partners without your consent. Please, immediately communicate any email that you receive, without your prior authorization, that you intend to promote the Sites.



We use the services of external advertising agencies to advertise our services and goods and / or services offered by third parties. Either we or our advertising agencies can use cookies and / or "action tags" to measure the effectiveness of advertising on an "anonymous basis". Some emails from us may contain advertisements from companies not related to the Sites. If you decide to visit the website of said advertiser, we can not and do not make any representation about the applicable terms and conditions or the privacy policies of the websites of said advertisers. If you choose to make purchases at such sites or accept any offer from such companies, we may provide your information, including financial data, to the advertiser as necessary at your request. Finally, we can not, and we do not.


Changes in the Privacy Policy

We can change this privacy policy at any time. You agree that we have no duty to send you notice of such changes. Instead, it is your responsibility to review this Privacy Policy from time to time. No change in the privacy policy will be effective until thirty (30) days after its publication, unless the privacy policy has a clear language indicating otherwise.


Changes in ownership of the sites

The Sites are a growing online service. As such, we may have the opportunity to buy or sell assets, including but not limited to the merger, dissolution and transfer of property. Depending on the nature of the transaction, we may share any and all data provided by you to us (including financial data and account information) with third parties, as necessary to initiate, investigate or complete any transaction.

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